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Howl To Love: A Homage To Florence + The Machine On Valentine’s

15 Feb

Paul is a good friend of mine. This one night he came over for dinner and sat with me as I cooked (something I rarely did at the time, I was just getting started, but according to him –who, as I was slicing the carrots offered to throw them to the trash because he thought I was peeling them, hahah-  the food came out quite good). We were listening to my Ipod -or my Neolithic version, an mp3 player-, very much to his regret ‘cause he’s not a pop music kind of guy (he likes electronic music). Some Lady Gaga song was playing and he goes: So, what does this girl sing about? What are these lyrics about? Love and stuff like that? With a sarcastic tone –by the way, he is French so the sarcastic tone kinda comes with the package-.

Well yes. Lady Gaga, and pop music, are, amongst other things, mostly about love.

But love is also the theme for other genres. That’s how important love is in our lives. Take Florence + The Machine, for example: Indie rock/Indie pop/alternative, whatever you wanna label it; most of her songs on the full-length ‘Lungs’ talk about love. And how well she does it!

Her voice is just amazing, and so are the music and the poetic lyrics.

I just can’t get enough. And of course, this too, is art. Because it lifts you, it makes you feel, it makes ME want to sing (or howl) along, makes me want to dance (or just shake my body rhythmlessly), drink, smile, cry…die… and LIVE.

Because we all (well, most) live for love.