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17 Oct

8 dias

BUENOS AIRES is going to be, yet again, the host of the 3rd annual LatinArab film festival.

It is a 10-day celebration of cultural, political, and human exchange. Organized by the NGO Cine Fértil, the festival is consolidating as a South-South cross-cultural think tank.

LatinArab will have a competitive selection of Arab feature films and another of Arab short films. At the same time there will be a competitive selection of Latin American films which somehow relate to the Arab world (a big percentage of Latin Americans have Arab ancestors so it is not so hard to imagine) called PANORAMA LatinArab. 


[pan-uh-ram-uh, -rah-muh]  noun

1.an unobstructed and wide view of an extensive area in all directions.
Origin: 1790-1800;  pan- + Greek  ( h ) órāma  view, sight, derivative of horân  tosee, look
Get it?
Apart from films, there will be extra activities such as round-table discussions, master classes by guest Arab film directors and conferences. Plus, this year will be the first to feature a “Country of Honour” week; such country will be Lebanon for its cinematographic tradition and quality.
You can follow the festival on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LatinArab
On twitter: @Cine_Fertil
Or just go to straight to the source and browse away!: http://cinefertil.org/cine-fertil/
P.S: Loved the idea? You can collaborate! LatinArab has launched a crowd-funding campaign and you can do your bit. In return, you will get tickets for the screenings, posters, tee-shirts (which are just adorable!), and more. Just click here: http://idea.me/projects/10219/latinarab-film-festival